Introduction and Purpose

The school is an educational environment that cares about the development of students’ personalities and the achievement of their academic goals. In order to achieve these goals, students must adhere to a set of basic rules and behaviors that determine their behavior within the school and in society in general.

Therefore, the school is a home for all, and all students have an individual and social responsibility. Regular behavior within the school includes:

  • Commitment to deadlines and not be late for classes.
  • To adhere to the specified school uniform and not to wear inappropriate clothes or contrary to public morals. Speak politely and respect teachers, colleagues and staff.
  • Commitment to the rules of hygiene, health and safety within the school.
  • Students must respect school property and not trespass or misuse it
  • You must abide by the ethics of the Internet and not offend others through social media or the Internet
  • Students must avoid hostile or abusive behavior towards their classmates or any other person
  • Students are required to maintain the cleanliness of the school and maintain personal hygiene

Students must abide by their responsibilities and be active members of society, and their commitment to the appropriate code of conduct reflects the school’s values and contributes to building a positive educational atmosphere.