In the name of Allah, the Most Merciful, the Most Compassionate.

Technology is considered one of the most important factors that have contributed to improving the education process. It has changed the nature of the educational process and made it more effective and interactive. Through the use of smart devices, computers, and educational software, teachers can improve the ways of delivering information and make lessons more interesting and engaging.

Furthermore, the use of technology in education enhances interaction among students and increases their involvement in the learning process. Multimedia can be used to clarify concepts better and make them more understandable and easy to grasp. Moreover, technology can also be used to create interactive platforms that enable students to communicate and collaborate with each other.

However, there are also some negative points to using technology in education. It can lead to deviation from traditional teaching and reduce personal communication between students and teachers. In addition, excessive use of technology in education can have a negative impact on the eye and back health of students.

Therefore, education using technology must be balanced, where technology is employed to enhance learning and improve academic outcomes, while at the same time preserving the essential elements of traditional education. In conclusion, we should see technology as an aid to education, not a replacement. Schools and teachers should adopt the use of technology in a responsible and balanced way, focusing on the most effective methods of delivering information and motivating students to learn. Thus, using technology in education is not just a modern trend but is the way to develop the education system and achieve the best academic outcomes.