Due to the digital transformation that the world is experiencing and the increasing use of technology in the field of education, the school attaches great importance to e-learning and distance learning in order to provide a flexible and effective learning environment.

Our school’s distance learning programs cover various educational fields and allow students to access lesson content and educational materials from anywhere and at any time. Lessons and lectures are provided through specialized and interactive educational platforms that help students to fully benefit from the lessons.

The school provides all the necessary tools and technologies for distance learning, encourages students to actively participate in online educational programs and provides the necessary resources to motivate them to learn.

Technical and technical support is also provided to students and teachers to ensure that the educational process runs smoothly and effectively. The school evaluates and follows up on students’ performance and provides them with the necessary support to improve their academic results. The school has qualified teaching staff who are trained to use modern technologies in teaching and distance learning, which ensures the provision of distinguished and high-quality educational programs.