For children’s first learning journey, we believe that the learning environment should be stimulating, safe and fun, so that they feel comfortable and confident in exploring the world around them. This is achieved through our multiple curricula that aim to develop the sensory, intellectual, social and linguistic aspects of children.

We offer comprehensive and integrated educational programmes, which aim to stimulate a child’s natural and rational curiosity. Arabic, English, mathematics and science are taught in a stimulating, simplified and age-appropriate manner. Programs include art, craft and motor activities, as well as play and social interaction with others.

Our curricula are based on the latest educational methods and technologies, and use a variety of interactive methods that encourage children to learn in a natural and fun way. We also aim to develop positive values, cooperation, social interaction and individual responsibility, which help children grow and develop in a healthy and balanced manner.

We support holistic learning that focuses on the development of children’s personal, social, intellectual and sensory aspects, which prepares them to engage successfully.