The educational methodology in our school is based on developing students’ skills and developing their knowledge in sophisticated and innovative ways. We believe that students need a variety of learning styles appropriate to their individual abilities, so we provide an educational environment that motivates students to actively participate and enhances their mental and intellectual abilities.

We aim to provide an integrated educational curriculum that ensures access to high-quality education that meets local and international requirements, and enables students to discover and develop their true talents and potentials. Our educational curriculum is characterized by flexibility and continuous renewal to adapt to the requirements of the modern era.

We are keen to use advanced and innovative educational technologies that enhance self-learning and critical thinking skills and enable students to learn independently. We also pay great attention to developing the positive personality of students and provide them with an educational environment that encourages innovation, creativity and effective collaboration.

We strive hard and persistently to develop students’ individual, social and scientific skills so that they can face challenges and contribute to building an advanced society and a better future.