Welcome to Riyadh Najed Schools’ Advanced Placement (AP) Program! 

About AP: 

The Advanced Placement (AP) program is an internationally recognized program that offers college-level courses and exams to high school students. These courses provide an opportunity for students to challenge themselves academically and gain college credit if they perform well on the corresponding AP exams. At Riyadh Najed Schools, we are committed to offering our students the chance to excel in their education and prepare for the next steps in their academic journey. 

Key Benefits of AP: 

  • Academic Excellence: AP courses are known for their rigor and high academic standards, which can help students develop strong critical thinking and problem-solving skills.  
  • College Credit: Scoring well on AP exams can earn students college credits, allowing them to skip introductory courses in college and potentially save both time and money. 
  • Competitive Advantage: Success in AP courses and exams can make college applications stand out and increase students’ chances of being admitted to top universities. 
  • Wide Range of Subjects: AP offers a diverse selection of courses across various subjects, enabling students to explore their interests and pursue their passions. 

Our AP Program: 

Riyadh Najed Schools is proud to be an official College Board Advanced Placement (AP) Testing Center, offering our students a convenient location to take AP exams. We have expanded the test availability and enhanced college admissions opportunities for our students. Whether you’re aiming for local or international universities, the AP program provides the tools and knowledge needed for success. 

Getting Ready for the Future: 

At RNS, we are dedicated to fostering an environment that encourages educational excellence and prepares students for higher education. These AP exams are a fantastic opportunity for students looking to be competitive candidates for college admissions. 

What’s Next: 

We are excited to announce that starting in the academic year 2024-2025, selected AP courses will be introduced at Riyadh Najed Schools. This addition to our curriculum aims to provide students with even more opportunities to excel academically. 

College Credit: Scoring well on AP exams can earn students’ college credits, allowing them to skip introductory courses in selected colleges and potentially save both time and money. 

Learn More: 

For more information about our AP program, please schedule an appointment with our College Counselors. They are here to guide and support you through the journey of advanced placement education. 

Mr. Kenneth Davis (Boy’s Section) 

Official AP School Administrator 

Reem Albnayan  

Tel-96612491616 Ext. 402 

Riyadh Najed Schools is excited to empower our students to reach their full potential through the AP program. Let’s shape a brighter future together!